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Our Terms of Services (TOS) will be provided to clients before purchase of any branding plan. TOS will always be available here online. Ad sponsors will be notified of any changes in our Terms of Services. Services provided by e-Ads Bengaluru are subject to following Terms.

  1. Ad content to be provided by client.
  2. Preferred Ad format: e-pamphlets in .jpg .png .pdf
  3. Ad purchased for 1 business unit / project may not be used for branding of other units / projects of same client.
  4. Ad content may not include links to client website
  5. Ad content may include business contact info: Street Address and Phone number.
  6. Charges are applicable for change of ad content.
  7. Only direct client brand will be promoted. No visibility will be given to 3rd party brands associated with our clients.
  8. Ads will strictly not be extended beyond expiry date.
  9. Only online payment will be accepted.
  10. Advertisements of obscene/objectionable content will not be published by e-Ads Bengaluru.
  11. Advertisements of illegal / banned products or services that are harmful to the society, will not be published by e-Ads Bengaluru.
  12. e-Ads Bengaluru will not give/sell links to external websites.